Vibra (Shinko Denshi) is the only one company who develops and produces electronic balances and scales with the tuning-fork sensor. Since founded in 1963, we have focused the technical advanced and originality in the fields of weighing and measurement, and have been introducing a lot of new products. Our electronic balance and scales with tuning-fork sensor are highly precise and excellent stability. As the result of such high performance, we have received high evaluation feedback from worldwode including EU, as proved by the “Subaru Optical Telescope.”


  1. JQA Tsukuba
  2. ISO9001
  3. TEKO ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management System)
  4. JCSS(Japan Calibration Service System)
  5. JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) B7611-1

Penghargaan dan Pengembangan:

  1. Pengembangan Sensor Tuning Fork untuk digunakan sebagai Sensor stress Teleskop Astronomi “Subaru” di Hawai Tahun 1994
  2. Invention Grand Prix award in Japan (Penghargaan Penemuan Besar di Japan) tahun 2002
  3. “Production Japan Grand Prix” Prize for an Excellent Work Award Tahun 2005
  4. Won The Excellence Award at The 21st Small and Medium Sized Enterprise Excellent New Technology and Product Award tahun 2009

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