Radwag C32.1,5.F1.R Multifunctional Scale


Maximum capacity [Max]: 1.5kg
Readability [d]: 0.5g

C32 series is an advanced but at the same time an easy-to-use weighing instrument that can be operated in various industry areas. To ensure precision, speed and excellent measurement repeatability, high quality electronic components are used.
Integrated battery and wireless data transmission enable portable operation.
Complex software allows carrying out many tasks connected with mass measurement, e.g. parts counting, checkweighing and statistics.
C32 series devices feature user-friendly graphic interface, which can be customized using widgets. This and the large colour display of high resolution assure easy and clear transmission of data on current process.
Colour bar graph signals whether the weighing result is within declared thresholds thus significantly influencing performance.

Complex 22-key keypad features programmable function keys which enable its customization.
Integrated infrared sensors facilitate activation of basic functions without use of a keypad, this will be appreciated by the owners of high precision instruments.

C32 weighing instruments cooperate with barcode scanners and printers, this feature is especially important for those operators who use the instruments for parts counting or any tasks requiring clear-cut identification of measured products.

Wide range of communication interfaces ensures easy integration of C32 instruments with external master IT systems and trouble-free data exchange.
Integrated inputs/outputs available in the basic version of the weighing instrument enable cooperation with external devices, i.e. control buttons, light signalling towers, buzzers and any other controlling/signalling devices. They also provide the ability to control uncomplicated dosing processes.

Various permissions levels assure safety of stored data and prevent unauthorized operators from modifying the settings.

Complex databases of products, packaging and customers are very important for operators working with wide range of products and having an extensive sales network.

Broad range of maximum capacities and readabilities guarantees selecting the right model for a particular application.

C32 weighing instruments cooperate with RLAB software for collecting, presenting and carrying out statistical analysis of measurements sent by the weighing equipment. The software enables advanced functions for generating and customizing graphs and reports.

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