Baykon BX30 Fill / BX30D Fill Filling Controller

Baykon BX30 Fill and BX30D Fill, filling and packing controllers are high tech, smart and economic instruments for usage at various filling and packing machines. Its configurable specific receipt build feature and smart filling algorithms give big advantages in usage.
The most common filling & packing applications fit one of its 12 filling modes. Master-slave operation provides the set up and receipt transferring to all BX30 Fill slave controllers on the machine. Full control of multiscale bagging or packing machine is available.
BX30 Fill has Receipt and ID memories having 250 records size each, for fillings with different materials and specific fillings like batch filling.
Its programmable 7 keys can be assigned to the predefined functions in order to provide quick and informative operation. Freely programmable digital inputs and outputs eliminates additional PLC requirement in the cabinet to control customers pump, pilot valve, nitrogen purging, rotary valve, bag inflator, material activator etc.
Programmable reserved I/O ports enable operation until receiving the new digital I/O board in case of any digital I/O malfunction.

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