Baykon BX22S Weighing Indicator

BX22S is a high quality general purpose weighing indicator in stainless steel housing. Its optional alibi memory provides usage with non-approved PC software for approved scales.
BX22SL, the increased lightning & surge voltage protected variant of BX22S, has a very high protection against lightning on its load cell and power supply connections. With its 2 pcs galvanically isolated RS232C ports, BX22SL has important advantage for industrial weighing applications, in particular for weighbridges.
BX22S operation modes; basic weighing, classifying supported with color changing multi-color display and livestock weighing with smart dynamic filter. With IP67 protected stainless steel housing, BX22S perfectly fits to wet, hygienic and harsh areas. BX22S and BX22SL have rechargeable Li-ion long life battery.

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