Baykon BX14 Weighing Controller

Baykon BX14, is a smart weighing controller and it is designed for discontinuous totalizer or extraction rate scale applications. BX14 is used for flow control on the production line together with totalizing the transferred material. This instrument also gives information estimated next 24h total for the actual flow rate and daily total. Additional 3 accumulations can be used for different purposes like production batch total, turn total, Non-erasable total etc. This controller has 4 opto-isolated digital input, 2 non-isolated digital input and 5 relay contact outputs. They are used for filling and disacharge processes.
It has 16.000.000 internal resolution and high speed with up to 1600 measurements per second.
Powerful calibration options including electronic calibration without test weights support easy and fast start-up and service. It’s small size aluminium body provides perfect panel installation with its big display and with its small space need on control panels.

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